“Get Out of Your Head”

When attending a conference you’ll typically head to the registration table, get your lanyard, itinerary, S.W.A.G. etc.

Then, you might flip through the schedule looking for classes you’d like to attend and speakers you’d like to hear.

Not this one.

This one, is more like MTV’s “The Real World”, so I use the term conference a bit loosely.

Simply put, 30+ knowledge seekers line up at the door of a 13 bedroom mansion waiting for the starting pistol to sound signaling it’s time to make your mad dash to claim a room.

If you’re lucky you’ll find a bed, otherwise it’s a couch, the floor or a recliner in the theater room.

In any event, everyone is happy with what they get, at least they are here.

Although we we’re all Real Estate agents from throughout the country and Canada, that is not why we are here, not to talk about real estate at least.

We are here to learn and discuss writing styles and philosophy, storytelling, building relationships, philanthropy etc.

Things we are ALL trying to get better at.

We do have 4 scheduled sessions spread out over 2 days that are structured with topics that are planned ahead of time.

But that isn’t the only time we learn, we learn from each other.

There is non-stop brainstorming, sharing ideas and asking others for advice.

However, within this group, if you ask for advice you better be ready for it, whether you like the answer or not.

Responses can be uplifting or unsettling, it depends on if you are able to handle a truth you weren’t ready to accept.

Just like MTV’s Real World, it’s…

“When people stop being polite and start being real.”

I got to experience this first hand.

After the event, I was in the car with my friends Jake Edwards and Amber Flynn-Jared on our to the airport.

The ride was just over an hour, plenty of time to discuss what we had learned over the past 4 days.

After sharing multiple discussions on many topics I started in on a new one.

While AGAIN over-explaining myself and adding qualifiers to preface what I was about to say, Amber stopped me mid-sentence and said…

“Get Out of Your Head”

She didn’t sugar coat it, she was straight forward.

It wasn’t the first time she heard me do this during the event.

She knows that I want to get better, be better. She knew by allowing me to continue this pattern I wouldn’t become better.

She knew giving me praise or being nice for the sake of being nice wasn’t going to do me any good.

So she gave me some truth, she didn’t care about my feelings, she cared about my growth.

This can be said for the entire group, we all want to grow and we all want each other to grow.

When I got home friends and family asked me, “Isn’t it weird sharing a house for 4 days with people you don’t know?”.


These are my people.

Some I have met once, others I met for the first time but we all “get” each other and if I need a reality check, I can go to any one of them and receive an authentic response.

They have my best interest in mind as I do theirs.

So when one of us asks for feedback…

We get it.

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