“I have nothing to offer”

I was lucky enough to come across this post today.

Probably exactly when I needed it, since I’m on week 2 of 7 of a crossfit challenge Eva and I are participating in at Kaizen Crossfit.

Jason has lost over 60lbs in the last year and a half, dropping from 245lbs to 183lbs, all through hard work and discipline.

That is impressive!

Yet he didn’t think so. He was still doubting himself.

Something in his mind made him think it wasn’t a big deal and kept him from sharing it previously.

He thought to himself “sure, I lost 60lbs but that’s not good enough”.

I’m sure that if you asked almost anyone, if they would accept those results they would jump at the chance.

But he minimized his results, maybe because he thought no one would share his excitement, find it interesting or even think it was something of value.

But today he took that chance, he opened up and shared his progress. Possibly thinking no one cared.

It turns out… They did.

If you happen to make your way over to the post, which I suggest you do, check out the comments. They speak for themselves.

He inspired quite a few people with something that he questioned as being successful or worth anyone’s time.

Things brings me to a friend of mine.

She is my “lifeline” when it comes to anything that involves supplements, diet or nutrition. I call her whenever I need answers on whatever random product I stumbled upon.

She has done massive amounts of research on anything from healthy sweetener alternatives to fish oil and beyond.

Although she has an abundance of information and knowledge through her research, it isn’t just for herself. She has a much higher purpose.

Her daughter, the youngest of her 4 children has a condition that needs to be met with strict dietary guidelines that seem to change almost daily.

Each meal needs to be prepared with intense detail to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction or inflammation that has the ability to sideline her for months at a time.

At times, she can be so susceptible to infection she is forced to run in and grab her mom’s phone in the morning to check an app to see if the air quality is good enough for her to go out and play.

I couldn’t imagine.

During this time, my friend has done research upon research, having to experiment and learn through trial and error just so that her daughter can live her life as normal as possible.

Yet she says her life isn’t interesting and just like Jason, before today, doesn’t want to share it because she feels she has nothing to offer.


My friend you have plenty to offer but I do understand why you might think otherwise. Most of us don’t believe our own story is interesting because we live it every day.

However, sometimes it is our audience that decides if our story is interesting or not. In this case I would argue that you’d have a number of people that could benefit from your story.

I guarantee there are mothers and fathers across the world that have been living this life or were just told today that they will have to start living this life that have nowhere to turn right now. They could use your help.

They NEED your help.

You may think your life is not interesting but I challenge that thought, because I have seen the reaction on the faces of the people I have shared this story with before and it has made an impact each and every time.

I encourage you to share the knowledge you’ve gained during this journey with as many people as you can, to give hope to those experiencing this same struggle and inspire them to continue to share your story with others.

Let them know, they are not alone.

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