“Is this what I signed up for?”

Just over 3 weeks ago I made a commitment to my family and myself.

After slowly “letting myself go”, AGAIN.

It was decided that I would commit for the next 7 weeks to a Crossfit challenge that would test my physical and mental limits and discipline.

During this challenge I head to the Kaizen Crossfit gym, or in Crossfit terms, the “box” 3 days a week to train in a small coach led class.

The workout of the day or WOD is released daily so I am never aware of what I’m walking into until I show up, I like it that way.

By not knowing what it is before hand it doesn’t allow me to dread a certain exercise or workout, better yet it doesn’t give me a reason to ditch a class.

Today this commitment was seriously put to the test. The temptation was real not to honor it.

After playing basketball yesterday for the first time in over a year, I woke up feeling sore, with my shoulders carrying most of the soreness.

Although I have been training for a Ragnar | Zion-UT and already in week 4 of this challenge, playing basketball for a couple hours came with it’s own soreness. Soreness I wasn’t prepared for.

That is when the excuses and justifications started.

“It’s ok, you’re sore”, “you should take today off and rest”, “you don’t want to hurt yourself”.

Excuse, after excuse, after excuse.

After playing the rest of the week out in my head, it was clear that if I didn’t go today then my schedule wouldn’t allow all 3 workouts. I can’t miss today, I need to make it happen.

“Suck it up DeVere”

Finally, after wasting so much time convincing myself I didn’t need to go, the morning classes were over leaving only the noon class as an option.

So I made time during lunch and headed to the box.

Wishful thinking had me hoping that we wouldn’t have a shoulder centric workout because for some reason that is where I continued to be most sore.

But hey it’s Crossfit that’s probably exactly what we’ll be doing.

Upon arrival, we as a team are sent on a mile run to warm up, when we return the workout is revealed.

AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)
In 15 minutes (15)
400m Run
20 step-ups
15 thrusters (yep shoulders)
10 pull-ups (yep again, shoulders)

Ugh!! What did I get myself into?


The clock starts to countdown, I get through the 400m run, knock out the step-ups, then come the thrusters, which are basically a front squat with a barbell combined with an overhead press. 1, 2, 3 sort of, I maybe get 2.5 before I drop the bar.

“It’s too heavy”, I tell coach Becca.

She steps over to help me remove some weight from the barbell, like a Nascar pit crew changing a tire so that I can resume quickly.

Reps 4-15 get knocked out as well. Now on to pull-ups, 1, 2, 3, each one getting harder than the previous one.

Stopping to catch my breath I think “just 5 more”.

But I can only do 3 at time, followed by a set of 2 and eventually I can only complete 1 pull-up in a row.


Looking down at the sweat-dripped floor, arms shaking, gasping for what felt like my last breath I realized that I was only able to complete 2 rounds in the entire 15 minutes.

Was it my best workout ever? Probably not, but it was still a workout.

When you are committed…

Sometime a bad workout is better than NO workout.

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