“With a knife”

Sometimes I forget how literal children’s minds work.

I was reminded of this today with my son who is 5.

When his sister was about his same age nearly 6 years ago, I was just getting into authors and speakers such as Tony Robbins and Hal Elrod.

You know, the motivational guys.

I was really just starting to learn and study topics like self-reflection and self-improvement. Starting to think deeper about things.

Then one day I was driving her to school, at the time it was about a 30 minute drive.

During the drive I decided to put this new knowledge to work.

My thought process was, “I’m 30 years old and I’m just starting to learn this, what if I had been thinking this way since i was 5?”.

So I thought I’d ask her a “deep” question…


“Yes Daddy?”

“How do you see yourself?”

During her short pause I could hardly handle myself.

“What would she say?” I thought.

Does she think of her self as a winner? Is she confident? Does she feel loved?

What is it? Blurt it out already!

Her response…

“With a mirror”

Although I was a little disappointed because I thought it was going to be an epic conversation that we shared, I cracked a smile and said, “you got me honey”

Fast forward to today, my son asks me to make him a sandwich.

I asked him as usual if he would like it cut in rectangles, squares or triangles.

After I finished making it, I said…


“Yes Daddy?”

“How do you want me to cut your sandwich?”

His response…

“With a knife”

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