“Save My Pictures”

At the house I grew up in there were a number of my relatives that lived within walking distance.

This included my Aunt Barb who lived just across the alley from us.

Our front doors shared a line of sight and we’d often waive to each other as we would come and go.

Aunt Barb was notorious for taking photos and would capture any moment, anytime, anywhere.

Even the time she spotted TonyChad and I cutting each others hair on the front porch when we were in high school.

She yelled across the alley, “hold on, stop, I want to take a picture”.

If there was any chance of a photo-op… she took it.

She had 1,000’s of photos in albums, scrapbooks and shoeboxes that filled an entire bedroom.

On more than one occasion she’s told me…

“If you ever see my house on fire, the first thing I want you to do is run to the back bedroom and get all of my pictures out”.

She loves her collection and taking care of them is her primary concern.

My safety and well-being however… not so much.

Just kidding.

Thinking about this made me wonder what I would want someone to save if my house were on fire.

My first thought was about material things like computers, tv’s, tablets and other electronics.

Nah, they can be purchased again. Besides they are probably already outdated anyway.

What about photos like Aunt Barb?

Nope, not those either. The majority of our photos are safely located in “The Cloud” and can be reprinted with the click of a button.

Most everything I could think of was replaceable. Maybe it wouldn’t be original but it can still be replaced.

Then I thought about what I’m writing this story in.

Not a fancy program, tablet, phone or even a computer.

Just a plain old notebook.

I have dozens of these notebooks and journals that I have been writing in for years.

Mostly made up of scribbles, notes, thoughts and ideas that I have jotted down. Heck, there are even a few song lyrics in there from almost 20 years ago.

The majority of their contents have never been backed up, so if they were to be lost or damaged, they would be lost forever.

Just like Aunt Barb looking at her photos, when I go back and read the thoughts of my younger self I get to take a trip down memory lane and see what I was thinking “way back then”.

It would be a bummer if something were to happen to them.

So if you ever see my house on fire, please run in and grab my notebooks.

Safety first of course!

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