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We were in need of someone to market our home, not just sell our house. Not just any agent, but one that knew the Las Vegas community, as I’m a native. In addition, we resided in one of the few remaining Rural Natural Preservation zones in Clark County. We had horses, and were zoned for other livestock. It was our little piece of heaven, our “ranchette”, where we could still be woken by the crow of a rooster, yet have a view of the Las Vegas strip. After listing with a family friend and fellow equestrian, and not getting any showings in 3 months, we were angry, frustrated and disillusioned. In addition, we had a timeline. You see, Dad had cancer, and the property of our dreams that had a casita for the parents and more acreage for our horses was getting a lot of notice in Pahrump. Enter Brandon…I first was impressed by his creative marketing outreach. After the initial meeting, my husband and I knew he was the agent for us. Boy were we right. Brandon sold our home for full asking price in 3 days.

Today, Brandon is not just “the guy who sold our house quickly”, he’s a family friend. Unfortunately, my husband passed away shortly after us moving to our dream home in Pahrump. Brandon, who could have been done with me (as our business together was finalized), drove out to Pahrump one Saturday after, with a car load of food for me and my family. He assisted my parents in their transition (even though he wasn’t the listing agent). Brandon is not just a professional, he’s a philanthropist with genuine concern for his clients and the community he serves. The world need more businessmen like Brandon!

With Sincere Gratitude,

-Christal B.


Our experience with Brandon has been incredible. As members of the military we are relocating to Las Vegas with no knowledge of the area. Brandon took the time to show us the entire area and make sure we were comfortable with where we chose to live. Since we were largely working from our current  location, we corresponded mainly by email and phone. Brandon is always responsive to our needs and questions, answering most inquiries within hours or less despite a large time zone difference. He has provided invaluable advice on military benefits and options that has helped us with buying our home. His honest advice and caring attitude have made our cross country home buying adventure both easy and pleasurable.

-David D


What impressed me in the beginning about Brandon was the preparation and expediting of advertising for our house. From the beautiful photos taken, and the equally expressive descriptions to the overall creation of the sales page splashed throughout social media and in addition of course via MLS  listings. Because of this added effort ….our house sold in “one day”! I can’t guarantee you would get these results from him…who can? But still we were pressed for time to sell and he got the job DONE. Because of that “extra” mile he went. The ensuing escrow transaction was smooth and fast. (save for a minor speed bump that Brandon also helped smooth) Just a little over 2 weeks. thanks to Brandon finding a cash buyer. He ALWAYS called before coming to bring contracts and paperwork to be signed. As well he should or ANY realtor for that matter. Wish my relatives would do the same. But I digress. At the close of escrow he even offered and helped us move our belongings from our old house to our new house. And since I’m a senior citizen caring for my ailing 90 year old Mother ANY assistance is welcomed and greatly appreciated. He didn’t have to do that…..but he did. Brandon is an outstanding realtor and in the short time he entered our lives we also discovered what a truly “outstanding human being” he is. We consider him like family. Oh, and his assistant Antonia mirrors just about ALL his traits and capabilities as well. {Did I spell your name right?} If you want to buy or sell ….this is “definitely” a team you can rely on. Because if my 90 year old Mom is happy and satisfied with everything….so am I.

-Danny B


Brandon has been amazing. It took under a month to sell my house. He was great with communication and made first time selling amazing. He even helped me with other things, including having more positive outlook! His personality and liveliness are contagious. He was amazing! I would highly  recommend him as a realtor.

-Aaron W


Our experience with Brandon is nothing short of spectacular! We currently live in the Washington D.C. area and are moving to the Las Vegas area. We contacted Brandon through the house hunters of Las Vegas website. Brandon is very experienced with helping clients that are not local to the area.   He has provided exceptional knowledge of the area, is focused on what we are looking for in a home, and has been extremely responsive to our questions. He is our ‘eyes on the ground’, so to speak, and Brandon’s ability to find what we are looking for is remarkable. He provides options for us to consider and is open and honest. Moving across the country is not an easy process, however, working with Brandon has made it much easier and less stressful.

-Christy D


Our house hunting experience was wonderful thanks to Brandon. My husband is in the Air Force and spent a year away from me and our daughters prior to getting stationed at Nellis AFB. We knew we wanted to buy a house here but did not know where to start. We were also in a hurry to get in to a home  for until we closed on a house we were staying in base lodging. Within days of our arrival to Las Vegas, Brandon, aware of our situation, blocked off an entire week to focus on our house hunting. We went from house to house to house until we finally found one, almost 20 houses later and he would have gladly kept showing if it wasn’t for us falling in love with the house we ended up getting. We were very new to the city so he was also a personal tour guide for us. He pointed out and told us about places and attractions that would interest us. He is a very friendly and down to earth guy and absolutely won’t waste your time. Our first house hunting experience was fun and went smoothly. Brandon’s dedication to our family was amazing.

Vanessa W


Being a first time home buyer, I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt intimidated by purchasing a home. I chose Brandon out of 4 other agents because he made me feel like I was his #1 priority. After finding my new home, he made everything easy for me even when I was making things a little  difficult for him by asking 101 questions. He tackled every concern I had with knowledge and in the end, I’m very happy with my first purchase. I know that there is a lot of “behind the scenes” work that agents do and I’m glad I had Brandon on my side. I will definitely use him again and refer him to friends and family!! Keep in touch, Brandon!

-Denise R